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              Cambium Builders is a trade name of Cambium Services Ltd.
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              Quality Craftsmanship.  Superior Design.
              Featured Home For Sale
              Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Cambium Builders are a passionate team of homebuilders and renovators who are known for our attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and eye for design.

              Each of our uniquely designed homes provides our clients with the intricacies of old-fashioned workmanship, in addition to the most innovative modern features and high-quality amenities.

              Cambium \’kam-bē-em\: the layer of a tree just under the bark where growth occurs

              Just as our name suggests, from the moment of inception to the finishing touches, Cambium is here to guide your home's transformation.
              Glenora P.O. Box 53118 Edmonton, AB T5N 4A8
              780-446-1103  |  email
              Cambium Builders
              Tucked away near the edge of downtown Edmonton and set in the heart of
              Groat Estates, a part of Westmount Community’s Heritage neighbourhood, is a
              new development built with character and quality in mind.

              Architectural features and a Craftsman design blend this triplex into the
              neighbourhood, giving it the appearance of one grand home.

              Each unit has its own unique floor plan and with high quality materials and our
              custom workmanship, the finishing touches will make it look like a home that
              was built in the early 1900’s but with modern amenities.

              Short commute downtown
              Nearby the River Valley and walking trails
              Walking distance to the 124th street shopping district
              Close to University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University
              Multi-Family Development

              1910 Manor
              Glenora Prairie Style

              Living in the desirable neighbourhood of Glenora in a home that is built to look like it is a century old is why so many people take their Sunday drives through this mature neighbourhood…
              UNIT 1  |  UNIT 2  |  UNIT 3
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              Avenue Magazine Avenue Magazine
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